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Source-i : KPIs for the Retail/Warehouse/Distribution Vertical

Procurement Analysis Solution Aimed at Reducing Corporate Expenditures.

The Retail industry comes with its own complexities. Information within the Retail industry exists in no different than the other value-chain elements of Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics, Corporate performance management requires visibility into all such ‘Information silos’ primarily from the objective of being able to co-relate trends and enable production related strategies towards improvement.

Bianix's procurement analysis solution rapidly identifies opportunities to reduce costs and improve purchasing efficiencies.

According to Manufacturing Systems magazine, "while trading exchanges that support indirect materials procurement have enjoyed early success, they only scratch the surface when it comes to cost benefits. Direct procurement accounts for 66 percent of procurement transactions, and analysts project that business intelligence applications can reduce costs by as much as 14 percent.

How does Bianix help reduce costs? Bianix provides out-of-the-box business metrics based on industry leading practices, in addition to pre-built optimization algorithms that clients use to effectively measure their business procurement processes.

Bianix enables companies to make informed decisions by providing answers to questions such as:

  • Where are my purchasing dollars being spent?
  • Are my suppliers' service levels meeting internal targets?
  • What percentage of goods is defective?
  • In what areas can purchasing costs be decreased?
  • What is the extent of spot purchasing and should contracts be negotiated?
  • Should suppliers be consolidated?

Bianix advanced analytic tools, including Source-i are technology agnostic, and thus compliment your existing deployment, rather than replacement. Each of these systems provides relevant, measurable and actionable information to the appropriate level of the enterprise.