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Bianix Technology has developed tools to enhance your existing technology investments. Our leading edge products enable organizations to deploy and manage their data warehouses more effectively.
Meta Builder

Metadata Manager

Bianix Metabuilder is a unique platform in the Metadata Management arena. Based on Data Warehouse best practices, Metabuilder provides a common interface for business and technology users and automatically generates actionable code to create custom data and KPI definitions to warehouses more info...

Meta Builder

KPI Engine

Bianix Metabuilder does not stop at providing management functionality for the Metadata repository.It is the single tool to help build and deploy decision support systems rapidly, while allowing for the management of business users rules, processes and reporting requirements, Metabuilder also provides for reverse engineered capabilities to generate reposting schemas in the form of star schemas or summary tables. Thus making metadata actionable. more info...

Prepack KPIs


KPIs for Retail/Wholesale /Distribution Industry.

The Retail industry comes with its own complexities. Information within the Retail industry exists in no different than the other value-chain elements of Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics, Corporate performance management requires visibility into all such Information silos primarily from the objective of being able to co-relate trends and enable production related strategies towards improvement. more info...

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