Meta Builder

Bianix Metabuilder is a unique toolset in the metadata management arena. Founded and based upon data warehouse best-practices deployment methodology, Metabuilder provides the true basis of implementing the heart of Enterprise Data Warehouses Metadata management.

Metabuilder provides for a common user interface for business as well as technical users of the Metadata. Setting business rules, and derivatives based on pre-defined measurable objectives, is a part of the business metadata definition process. The technical mappings are dynamically generated and mapped during the technical metadata creation process. Many pre-defined schemas are provided for ease of integration into existing technology deployments.

This forms the foundation of the Information Warehouse., and allows for dynamic generation of DDL, star schemas, summary tables etc. to name a few.

A middleware solution, Metabuilder provides for a complimentary technology implementation, only enhancing existing investments in time & costs.

With the help of Bianix Metabuilder, the management of the data environment can be streamlined to produce higher quality information from a more agile and more efficient infrastructure. Queries and data translation scripts can be automatically inferred from these semantics. The impact of any change may be analyzed instantaneously. And data standards and policy, including security and privacy policy, may be applied in a consistent way based on business requirements.

Create Meta-Repositories that are:

Integrated : integrating the data is probably the most complex task in the meta data repository implementation effort. Metabuilder enables organizations to integrate a variety of types and sources of meta data and turn the resultant into meaningful, accessible business and technical meta data.

Scalable : If integration is the most difficult of the meta data architecture characteristics to achieve, scalability is the most important characteristic. Using Metabuilder, scalable metadata repositories are built, while easily managing the meta-repository environment.

Robust : Thus ensuring that the meta data repository has sufficient functionality and performance to meet the needs of the organization that it serves.

Open : Metabuilder provides for a truly open & flexible meta data integration and access processes. For example, metadata database could be simple & small load, while also allowing flexibility to switch from one RDB to another without massive architectural changes.

Metabuilder - Some additional features

Metabuilder supports both business and technical user reports and views of the meta data, as well as provides acceptable user access to these views.

Some of the other functionality includes:

  • Ability to handle time- or activity-generated events
  • Import/export capability
  • Support for data lineage
  • Security set-up and authorization facilities
  • Archival and backup facilities
  • Ability to build & produce business and technical reports