Meta Builder

Bianix Metabuilder does not stop at providing management functionality for the Metadata repository.

It is the single tool to help build and deploy decision support systems rapidly, while allowing for the management of business users rules, processes and reporting requirements, Metabuilder also provides for reverse engineered capabilities to generate reposting schemas in the form of star schemas or summary tables. Thus making metadata actionable.

Metabuilder is already the heart of Bianix’s pre-defined KPIs for the Retail (Source-i) Industry, and is also the foundation required by any organization to build their own KPIs.

Metabuilder is a Technology Agnostic tool, and thus allows for capitalizing on all existing software and hardware investments. There would be no need to change even the existing reporting tools, except in cases where enhanced functionality desired.

Do you want to Save on Effort, Time & Money ?

Metabuilder by virtue of its embedded functionality enables organizations to

  • Enhance their current warehouse implementations, by reducing errors, and redundancies.
  • Deploy new warehouses in ½ the time.
  • Deploy decision support systems in about 30% less time and costs.
  • Reduce costs of building and maintaining metadata repositories.