The ability to make fast, reliable decisions based on accurate and usable information is essential to most business enterprises across all industry sectors.

The clear benefits that a BI solution can deliver, such as Increased Productivity, Reduction of Total Operational Costs and Enablement of New Strategic and Operational Capabilities, have now been proven by a growing number of organizations. The Return On Investment that can be achieved through a BI implementation has now become a fact rather than a leap of faith.

Bianix’s BI (Business Intelligence) consulting provides integrated solutions that empower knowledge workers to access data from existing production databases and applications across the enterprise using the power of advanced data warehousing and decision support solutions and services.

Building an effective business intelligence solution involves a considerable amount of effort to ensure usability and value to the business enterprise. At Bianix, we understand this more than anyone else and make certain that our years of experience and business intelligence solutions are aligned with the business vision of the enterprise. We do this using our best-practiced methodology framework which provides a robust roadmap, wherein we assess, strategize and finally architect solutions that minimize project time frames while addressing critical business needs. Bianix also offers re-engineering services of the BI architecture and optimization.

Business benefits

  • Rapidly deploy a platform for the corporate performance management (CPM) initiatives like balanced scorecard and advanced analytics.
  • Obtain a single, consistent, coordinated, and accurate view of your business and your customers.
  • Integrate disparate heterogeneous data, and achieve insight on key business dimensions, like time, location, channel, customers, products, services, accounts, and more.
  • Leverage historical data to make strategic decisions.
  • Identify new sources of revenue and highlight cost components.
  • Empower business users by providing seamless access to the right information at the right time.
  • Identify – and act on – business opportunities.
  • Ensure speedy ROI with low total cost of ownership.
Value delivery from Bianix

  • Full-time, dedicated consultants and architects specializing in enterprise BI consulting and EBI/EDW architecting.
  • Vast experience in consulting, architecting, implementing and managing large BI/DW projects across industries.
  • Comprehensive framework for consulting and architecting.
  • Seamless integration of consulting & integration services.
  • Rich experience in End-to-end implementation of enterprise data warehouse, Enterprise data modeling and Enterprise metadata management.
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